New voice biometrics product for authentication

VoiceDNA is a modern product for biometric voice authentication, also used for voice analysis and audio customer service, offered by the Vietnamese startup Namitech, also known as Nami Technology.

Ho Chi Minh City-based Namitech argues that VoiceDNA is more than twice as fast as Nuance biometrics, both in terms of registration and identity verification. The software can be implemented for text-dependent and text-independent verification, and has an efficiency of detecting presentation attacks of up to 95%. The startup has just raised $2 million for its further development.


Comparable to "Voice DNA" is the proprietary solution from BiometrIQ - VoiceToken, which provides strong, two-step voice authentication with a very high effectiveness of almost 99%, also in the case of attacks based on speech synthesis. It only takes a dozen or so seconds to verify your identity.