VoiceToken. Voice login has never been so easy

VoiceToken is a proprietary BiometrIQ solution that provides two-factor strong authentication using only your voice.

Thanks to this modern service, we can quickly access our applications, data or systems. When logging in, we only need to read a short sequence of characters on the screen. It only takes 10 seconds to verify your identity.

Logging in via VoiceToken is extremely secure through double authentication. While reading the text, the compatibility of the read words (first step) with the pattern is verified at the same time, as well as the biometric compatibility of the speaker's voice with his VoicePrint (second step).
Extremely high security is ensured by the proprietary algorithm for selecting words to be read, which reduces the possibility of guessing the sequence of words that will be displayed on the screen to almost zero. The aforementioned Speech To Text (STT) mechanism combined with an innovative biometric engine guarantee high effectiveness, even in the case of attacks based on speech synthesis.

VoiceToken works on terminals equipped with a screen and with a built-in microphone (smartphone, tablet, computer and others) and thanks to the available API, it can be easily integrated with external systems (e.g. with access systems). Because it is launched by the browser, the type of system installed on the device is irrelevant.

VoiceToken is an innovative solution from BiometrIQ and a registered EU trademark. This is one of the elements of the method to increase the efficiency of the biometric system, contained in the patent application filed by BiometrIQ.

Find out how it works. Test the demo.

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