European projects

LARA – Detection system and protection against presentation attacks in voice biometrics

The main goal of the project is to develop and launch a multi-vector support system for voice biometrics technology in preventing presentation attacks.

Support technologies developed and launched will include an intelligent system for creating voiceprints, taking into account the speaker’s personal artifacts, an intelligent system for evaluating the “truthfulness” of the acoustic track and an innovative system that prevents the use of acoustics available in the public domain for presentation attacks. All functionalities will be implemented in this project for the Polish language.

Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020

Measure 1.1: R&D projects of enterprises

Sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises

Total amount of eligible costs: PLN 3,836,175.00

Amount of co-financing: PLN 3 016 065.00

A platform for identifying and exchanging information about security threats and fraud based on monitoring and correlation of various communication channels Anti-Fraud IQ

The main goal of the project is to develop a system technology that allows detecting security threats as well as fraud and extortion attempts in real time by analyzing user communication in ICT networks. The system will be dedicated primarily to banks and financial institutions. The system will analyze all currently available communication channels between financial institutions and their clients.

Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020

Priority axis: Increasing the scientific and research potential

Measure 4.1: Research and development works

Sub-measure 4.1.4: Application projects

The total amount of eligible costs: PLN 4,238,371.19

Amount of co-financing: PLN 3 526 546.81

Purchase of pro-innovative consulting services supporting process of implementing an innovative service in Life Hero

The aim of the project is to support the Applicant’s enterprise through implementation of consulting services in the field of innovation provided by an accredited Business Environment Institution.

Sub-measure 2.3.1: Pro-innovative BEI services for SMEs

Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020.

Amount of co-financing: PLN 516 950.00

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