We carry out research and development projects using a modern voice technology laboratory. It’s here that experts carry out thousands of tests on a daily basis, checking various scenarios, and specialized devices work continuously day and night. The Voice biometric laboratory is equipped with highly efficient computers and servers dedicated to intensive calculations and simulations, as well as building models in the machine learning process.

The highest quality of sound processing is guaranteed as a result of the quality of the components of the laboratory equipment, which include, among others:
⦁ Avantone CLA-200 studio audio amplifier,
⦁ Avantone CLA-10 studio monitors,
⦁ PreSonus Quantum 4848 audio interface,
⦁ Allen&Heath Qu-16 digital mixer,
⦁ AKG C214 studio condenser microphones,
⦁ portable HD audio recorder TASCAM Portacapture X8,
⦁ A/D and D/A converters ESI MAYA44 eX,
⦁ AKG WMS 40 Pro Dual Instrumental Set Mini 2 wireless set
⦁ software for registration, editing and analysis of recordings Adobe Audition, Avid Pro Tools,
⦁ programmable voice correction processor Voxessor,
⦁ Phonanium’s Clinical Voice Lab software package for deep voice analysis at the level of clinical features
⦁ additional equipment – stands, cables and others.

Thanks to technologically advanced devices, we can study the uniqueness of users’ voices, in order to build 100% secure voice authentication solutions in the future, deprived of the possibility of its theft.

The laboratory is a room with characteristics designed to reduce the reverberation time to 0.3 – 0.5 s in the full voice-over acoustic band.
It’s located at the headquarters in Lublin, at 34 Stefczyka Street.

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