Vesper – safe voice communication platform with integration of biometric services

We started 2024 by launching a new research and development project for which we received a European Union subsidy called "Vesper - safe voice communication platform with the integration of biometric services". The aim of this project is to develop and implement an innovative voice communicator with unique functional features on the market. What is it? Will Vesper voice communicator stand out?

In addition to strong transmission encryption, the communicator will have integrated voice biometrics technology and two unique functionalities developed as part of the research and development work of this project, i.e. technology for verifying the authenticity of the far-end voice stream emission source and technology for augmenting the voice stream received in the near-end device. It is worth emphasizing that no other instant messengers such as Skype or Teams currently available on the market have such functional features.

The technologies developed as part of the project are intended to protect the user against presentation attacks and prevent the interlocutor's voice from being used to effectively create a deep fake using voice synthesis techniques.

Additionally, the technologies implemented in the communicator: the technology for verifying the authenticity of the long-range voice stream emission source and the technology for amplification of the voice stream received in the short-range device will also be the subject of independent commercialization under the granted license.

Another advantage of the messenger will be its high accessibility for people with disabilities, prepared according to the WCAG2.1 standard. The product will feature a clear and default interface, ensuring simple and intuitive operation and high flexibility in use.

The target market for the introduced products is the international encrypted mobile communications market. The main recipients of the Vesper communicator will be enterprises requiring secure voice communication, administration, etc. The recipients of the two technologies resulting from the project will be primarily producers and suppliers of voice and related communication systems, for whom such technologies will constitute an added value that increases the safety of their users.

The project started on January 1, 2024 and will last 2.5 years. This is the fourth BiometrIQ project implemented with EU funds.

=>Project value: PLN 7,217,514.00

=>Amount of contribution from European Funds: 4,779,500.00

=> Project number: FENG.01.01-IP.02-0769/23