Green business. How we act for sustainable development

Actions in accordance with the idea of ​​sustainable development*) are becoming a priority today. Protecting the planet and its resources for future generations takes on new value. Already today, it is not just a kind of whim, but specific business activities through which the business is perceived, the company's competitiveness is built, and thus, in a sense, the brand. Awareness of the impact of business activity on the environment, economic order and society, the use of improvements and safe technologies become a priority for the future of companies and a better life. So it is also for us.

When creating its own solutions in the field of voice biometrics, BiometrIQ, apart from functionality and accessibility, definitely takes into account the impact on the environment, in particular reducing the carbon footprint**). He believes that even the smallest action can have a real impact on protecting our planet.

Thanks to the implementation of our voice biometrics system, which allows you to confirm the identity of the interlocutor during a voice call, it is possible to resign from a personal visit to the bank, which translates into a reduction of the carbon footprint. With one transaction, almost 15 times.

Detailed calculations can be found below.

=> 1 transaction with personal visits to a bank/office:

return trip 10 km by bus (value determined by determining the average distance between the place of residence and the bank/office for 297 people interviewed), carbon footprint for a mini class car 108g CO2/km (

Carbon footprint attributed to a person per transaction with in-person visits in a mini car trip = 1080 g CO2 per transaction

=> 1 remote transaction settling matters in a bank/office:

1 mobile phone transaction: duration 10 minutes (conversation duration based on 517 phone calls), IP transmission, bit rate 256 kb/s, which gives = 150 MB/transaction

Data transmission carbon footprint (based on IEEE Comm. Magazine) 0.5 kg CO2/GB

Carbon footprint of 1 mobile phone transaction: 500 g CO2/GB * 0.15 GB = 75 g CO2 per transaction.

Introduced next year (2024), in accordance with European law (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD), the obligation to publish non-financial information in the field of ESG shows how important this issue is for the functioning of business in the context of the entire environment in which we find ourselves, i.e. our partners, suppliers, customers, society.
It should also be emphasized that the European Union with the goal of achieving climate neutrality as a community in 2050 and its package for reducing CO2 emissions by 55 percent. in 2030, it is the most ambitious in the world in its commitment.

*Sustainable development "assumes intergenerational solidarity, which means that the current generations should take into account the needs of future generations when meeting their needs. This idea is not only about reducing the negative impact on the environment and economy, but also about driving positive processes that will bring benefits to all inhabitants of the planet.

** Carbon footprint is the total sum of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by a given person, organization, event or product. It is a kind of ecological footprint. The carbon footprint includes emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases expressed in CO₂ equivalent.
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