Network audit service for biometrics. What is this?

A comprehensive IT network audit for biometric purposes is nothing more than checking the network performance in terms of the use of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) mechanisms and VB (Voice Biometrics) for future biometric applications. To a large extent, it is also the detection of errors, bottlenecks or malfunctioning elements. Thanks to the network audit service, we receive information about the actual state of the network, whether it meets the requirements for the development of biometric systems, and also indicates the range of parameters and areas necessary for improvement. This means that based on the audit, we are able to create ideal technical conditions for the implementation of biometric systems and finally for the provision of voice biometric services. We understand ideal conditions as reliability in the operation of systems while maintaining the appropriate signal quality. But for these two things to work properly, it is important to meet a number of important criteria and technical parameters.

The network audit offered by BiometrIQ includes:

  • IP connection throughput analysis for different packet sizes,
  • analysis of test data streams in terms of completeness, sequence, time delays,
  • analysis of the audio codecs used and voice data compression management mechanisms,
  • analysis of QoS parameters in terms of the audio compressors used and their impact on the continuity of the transmitted audio streams,
  • analysis of traffic volume in terms of connection selection,
  • analysis of acoustic paths for individual TE (Terminal Equipment) devices in accordance with the ITU-T P.56 recommendation,
  • load tests of telecommunications infrastructure elements.

The selection of the tests to be carried out and all conditions and parameters related to them are made on the basis of individual arrangements with the client.

The audit can be ordered by completing the application at

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